October 2017:

Lots of material is ready for the new CD - audiotracks and raw material for possible new videoclips. It still needs some editing.

The new CD will be released around the end of 2017.

A first short clip "Ein Ort" from the new material can be found in the "Sound and Vision" section.


April 2017:

New Live Date! MMM is performing at "Frappant", Hamburg.

(Bodenstedtstr. 16, Kachelraum)

Friday, 14.04.2017. (Karfreitag), starting 22:00.

Together with "666 3K" and "AUdioPAIN". The whole event is called "Kreuzschwerlastige Karfreitagsmusik".


March 2017:

Pictures of the Hörbar - concert can be seen in the Gallery.

Very special thanks to Susanne!


February 2017:

Going Mental! MMM´s first live - performance is sceduled for the 1st of March 2017 at HÖRBAR, Brigittenstraße 5, St.Pauli, Hamburg.


September 2016:

The "Sound and Visison" section is active now.

3 clips can be found on Youtube:


1. "Decay" - based on a fast loop with frequency generator and analogue synthesizer mainly, visualized by Dieter Riehl.

Not available on CD


2. "Fallout" - pure electronic noise and crossover distortion. Disturbing in optics amd sound.

Not available on CD.


3. "TU - 95 (Drone)" - excerpt from the mighty drone on CD "свобода".


August 2016:

Recordings, editing and cover artwork for the first CD "свобода" are completed. The title is NOT related to the ukrainian fascists. (See "Relaeses")


June 2016:
The Spaceship RADIO KYOTO has launched a sattelite called MENTAL MACHINE MUSIC.
Why? How? Like in so many other occasions, things proved to have an energy of their own. Originally, the investment in new equipment was meant to improve the sound of the Mothership. But as always - motherships tend to be a bit heavy in operation, and so the intensive testing of the new equipment created a new sound, which does not match quite with the concept of RADIO KYOTO. It is pure electronics, more agressive, more radical and basic.
That doesn´t mean a split at all, but that way MENTAL MACHINE MUSIC was born. And all the testing provided enough material for a first CD  - and the ability of live performances.
All that noise, frequencies, drones etc. are made with a frequency generator, an analogue synthesiser, a kaoss - pad, a fuzz probe and two equalizers. The fuzz probe is basically designed as a guitar effect, but most guitar players don´t like it because of its crossover distortion. That´s why I like it.
So, here we go.