Basically, music is sound. And sound is created by oscillation. So, oscillations are the crude material for all kinds of music. (And sound, of course)
They may change  - to create a melody.
They may be forced into the cage of rythm - to be used for dancing.
MMM goes back to the origin, to the crude material - and works with oscillations/frequencies.
So, I started working with a frequency generator - old tube technology from the 60ies. Built for scientific purposes originally. It does nothing but generating oscillations, in square or wave form, with high or low amplitude, on any exact tone level.
The basic oscillations are sampled, altered, multiplied, resampled, realtered, sent through various filters, effects - sometimes even brought to the level of crossover distortion.
The result could be located in the musical genres of drone and noise - and everthing in between.


Who? One half of the Hamburg - based experimental duo RADIO KYOTO.

By the way: MMM confesses never having heard of an artist named Lou Reed... jokes aside: Of course the name is a bow to Mr. Lou Reed (RIP) and his controversial, but great album "Metal Machine Music", where pure noise also plays a major part.


The "Who to blame" - section:

Photos by Dieter Riehl

Video Editing (Youtube) by Ernst Blache